Natural Anti-Ageing Clinic

The BB Glow treatment remains one of the hottest trends worldwide this year! 
Showing instant results after 1-2 sessions, clients find their skin smooth, even, glowing and radiant with pores tightened
for up to 6 months after the semi permanent foundation treatment. 

Our NAA Clinic uses the MTS (Micro Needle Therapy System) that gives customers rejuvenation with an immediate skin brightening effect.
We use micro needle derma rollers or the Dermapen and only approved 100% organic ingredient skin color ampoules. 
No redness, pain or downtime — with immediate results!


This treatment is suitable for any type of skin with 3 different kind of BB coverage colours available to suit and blend into your skin.
​Suitable for men too.


 Effective skin brightening, skin whitening and wrinkle improvement. 
– Promotes regeneration of cells by speeding up new cell formation. 
– Depletion of damaged aging cells to allow growth of elastic, fresh, new cells that can restore fine scars. 
 Covers dark spots, freckles & blemishes.
– All components are made of vegetable elements. 
– Unclogs pores and clears skin blockages. 

Proven Results! 
Lightens pigmentation. Tightens pores.  
Brightens and adds radiancy. 
Treats darker skin & uneven skin tones with a huge difference of skin colour
​& consistency after 1 treatment. 
This treatment is excellent and totally recommended by NAAC.